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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Customer Service

I love mystery shopping. If given the chance to work in this company, I will do my best to be one of your best mystery shoppers.
 A customer wants a pair of shoe but we don't have his size. I offer to order from the other store and the customer was so pleased. I help a customer find her child who was lost out of her sight inside the store.
 I help a customer finding the right outfit for her wedding. It was memorable for me because I was able to help her find her dress.
 I assisted a customer in the checkout area by unloading and loading the products she bout.
 I helped a customer find the best shoes that is within her budget.
I was checking out  and the cashier didn't say hi to me. She didn't even look at me whole ringing my items and never gave a closing remark. That was not a good shopping experience.

A supreme customer service is being able to give the customer a satisfying shopping experience. It is also making the customer felt that they are important.

I maintain an online blog where I write about my personal and honest opinions about the products that I used.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Hours

I can't believe we lost four people in our department in just one month. The first employee went to a different branch of Fred Meyer, the second one retired and the other two were laid-off. I thought our sales are great but unfortunately our hours are always cut. I just got lucky that I get called mostly. For example today, I'm supposed to work from 3 to 10 but they called 2 hours early. This is nice because it will help me save money so that I can most likely buy a best gibson acoustic.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mama's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday that's why I requested for an off from work. I gave her a simple birthday party which I just invited a few of our very good friends. Her birthday was held at Gardenia Motel. I cook some Filipino delicacies. My friends cook adobo and I cook eggrolls too. It was such a fun and memorable celebration. I'm so happy because my mom is so happy and that is what really matters.

Children's Choir

Today is the first day of my day off and it has been wonderful. We went to church in the morning and visited my parents in their place. I'm so happy because my kids were singing in the choir. Sophia, Eric and Stephanie brought the candle and bible during the opening procession. I'm so proud of them while watching them sing. I feel blessed that my kids love singing in the church and they love music. My son has a musical instrument but I'm thinking of buying  drums for kids at guitar center because I want them to learn how to play drums.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Finally it's my day-off. I wish I can just sleep  but I can't because I have to babysit one of my friend's son. It's my other part time job. It's okay though because my son's is such a special kid and he always warm my heart. We went to the ice cream shop and visited my parents. I feel so proud of myself because the toddler like to hang out with my kids and just want to stay in my house but he listens whenever I ask him to behave. I have to more spend time to him because I'm required to babysit him for 30 hours per month which a good thing.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Health Insurance

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Rapid Detox for Oxycontin

with love, Gina

         Life is precious, it the wonderful gift from our creator to mankind, so we should take care of it . When ever happened to our member of our family as a victim of alcohol or drug addiction, before its too late, don't  hesitate to bring him/her to rapid detox for oxycontin. It is important that he/she must be treated accordingly with counselling so that he can overcome physical and psychological on alcohol or drug addiction.

        Victim of drug addiction, have ruined their lives, because the central nervous system is being affected by this drug. So don't let this happen to your love one. But in case  this happen to someone and become dependent upon on oxycontin, entrust their detox to a qualified addiction specialist. At 8 Hour Rapid Detox- Rapid Detox helps people with addiction to oxycontin, heroin, lortab , hydrocodone, methadone, subutex, morphine etc. After the rapid detox, they have an extended psychological counselling to treat the mental aspect of addiction so that their patient will go back totally to a normal life. Dr. Yee of Rapid Detox Medical Clinic, cares for them. With his length of experienced, and  amazing procedure in treating drug addiction, many individual who were victim of drug addiction have now come back to their normal life.


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